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  1. Judging by the vivid green grass I suspect they are original photos (unless Topotel did some last minute gardening before they left). Would be interested to see any current photos if anyone heading down there in the next month


  2. We are back home one week from Ondres having stayed the last week in August first in September. Flood damaged Villas are occupied.
    Positive Points. MMV seem to be doing a good job, the complex was very busy which is good for us. Staff are friendly and efficient.
    Negative Points: Monne Decroix are letting us down badly. The landscaping needs attention. Street lights from Villa 1 around towards Villa 17 are not working. The drain infront of Villa 3 closest to us is completely blocked with leaves. What chance does this give us with the next heavy rain. MMV are cutting grass which is as I understand a Monne Decroix responsibility.

    Having briefly chatted with MMV reception staff it looks like there is a possibity that they will be opening 1st May next year. This would mean that the complex will be closed for Easter which is both a busy time and a popular time for Irish owners.
    As always its difficult to come back to Ireland after having a good holiday in Ondres.

  3. Hi Willie
    Great to get your report….. many thanks.
    Following many updates and reports from Patrick and our committee meeting last week I will be posting an update on the situation within the next 24 hours.
    Many thanks again

  4. We are also just back from a relaxing 2 weeks in Ondres. Weather was fab. It was great to see signs of prosperity in Ondres and surrounding regions.

    Again some positive notes; the site was really busy. Per Willie not much evidence of flood damage. MMV staff are pleasant and friendly. TVs are a welcome addition to the appartment especially when showing Sky news and BBC world news. Incidentally do we now need to pay tv licence fees and tv channel subscriptions fee ??

    The not so good. The entrance to the site does not give a good first impression. It is very unkempt and overgrown. It needs a lot of attention. The site sprinklers were also not working. The landscaping in general all over site needs a lot of work and attention.

    The Saturday booking in of new guests was a bit slow and chaotic. The queue waiting to be booked in was out the door and moving very very slowly. Again not what you want after a long trip. Appreciate MMV are new and learning but they looked under pressure and could have been more organised. Another person helping out for a few hours on the Saturday would have helped greatly.

    In this day and age, availability of wifi is taken almost as a given when booking a holiday. What do we need to do to get the wifi made available throughout site? I am sure other guests would also prefer to use wifi from the privacy of their own accomodation rather than have to keep going over to reception.
    Every evening there were lots of people standing or sitting around reception trying to pick up the wifi connection. Incidentally all the chairs left out around reception in the evening were broken or damaged. Not so great when it is pitch black and you cant see what condition the chair you are sitting on is. Potential accident risk came to mind.

    Would not mind paying a fee with my booking to have option of wifi available in the appartment for the duration of a stay. (It would also be family friendly)

    Speaking of family friendly and now that its on our radar, the site would also benefit greatly from a small kids playground onsite. Along with our own there were a lot of smallies on holidays with parents. A playground onsite would be a great welcome addition and would add to guest stay. Noticed that both the camp site across the way and also one across the road both had their own playgrounds. What do we need to do to get an aire de jeux onsite??? Even most of the service stations on the tolled motorways have them!!

    Some nice discoveries from our holiday.
    We had a lot of fun going to see the goats and donkeys in the field behind site.
    There is a lovely kids playground behind Ondres church.
    Fab restaurant in Capbreton near sports clinic calles Les Terraces which do a great set menu for 15 euros.
    Lovely zoo in Labenne just off the road to the beach. Pleasantly surprised by the amount of animals… camels, zebras, porcupines, meerkats, deer, flamingos, owls, kangeroos to name but a few. Unexpectedly, you are allowed feed them all with the exception of the tortouses. You buy bags of popcorn at the entry kiosk. Buy a few as the animals all come up close to see if you have any. Able to get up close and personal with all the animals. Not like Dublin zoo in that respect….sometimes it gets too closel with the animals as you have cheeky kids goats and peacocks follow you!!!
    BAB2 shopping centre in Anglet is worth atrip on a rainy day. Massive carrefour and 90 other shops.

    The cleaning equipment in the appartments is miserable and not up to the job. The floors end up dirtier than when you started. The cynical me wonders if it is a ruse to get people to pay for cleaning on exit!

    On an a side note, the site parking arrangements could be a lot clearer and straight forward. Our own appartment was not available and so we were in a different block. We were in block G, but block G parking was not where you would expect it to be. Some serious scratching of heads and walking done trying to find the correct parking space without creating an international incident. The parking space numbers could definitely do with being repainted and maybe a bit more thought given to loxating them logicalky with respect to the appartment proximity.

  5. Just realised I failed to mention the most important point and another area of pressing concern. It is most definitely a negative. :-[ It appears standards of cleaniness have dropped greatly since MMV took over. The appartment we stayed in was filthy. Appalling so. Dirty floors, dishes etc. The dishes in the press were all dirty with food residue with the exception of the top few which gave illusion of being clean.

    In the WC there was a permanent bad odour despite being lots of and needed the window left permanently open.

    The cleaning team look very young, disorganised and unenthusiastic ( teenagers )

    All these are a similiar and a re-occuring worrying themes of guests on recent trip advisor reviews. The first photo posted by a reviewer is a view of a dirty floor!! Not very enticing or welcoming.

    How do we address these concerns. Is it MMV or MD

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