Just to say hello, from Garry Benson

Hello, Allée des Dunes Owners, this is short email to say Hi. I have been receiving emails from google groups to say some of you owners are not able to read the email that were coming from the google groups. I will look into this and see what the problem might be.

Brief History in Time.
I created (Garry Benson) back 10 years ago to try and have a discussion forum for all of us novice foreign property owners (I’m describing myself here) to be able to reach out and discuss the chaos that was Topotel.
The group had it’s moment in the sun and was superseded in 2011 by the www.ondres.org webpage, moderated by Brendan Moran. Access to the website was restricted to ADICADO (Legal group set up to fund and represent us in the French legal system) The website, I believe, does not notify if new discussions are started so you must visit frequently. At this stage it has been quiet some time since anyone has posted anything on the site. I plan to post this note in both the googlegroups and ondres.org forums.

Well, at this stage in our Allée des Dunes journey a lot of water has gone under the bridge. The site still looks great. In my humble opinion the best Résidence de tourisme in the region, by a long shot.
I spent a wonderful 10 days in June of this year and had a good group of Irish to keep me company and enjoyed a few easy cycles to Capberton for coffee and croissant. Weather was very good. The AGM was the usual mix of topics but continues to be the bedrock of keeping the site as a success and a viable business for the MMV’s of this world. Should we lose any more units to ‘Non-Contract’ (that is not part of the MMV Contract and operating independently or being lived in permanently) it would become a very fragmented and precarious piece of property for foreign owners like us. (This is my own opinion, of course)

I do think this group should keep communicating. Garry Benson,

2 thoughts on “Just to say hello, from Garry Benson

  1. Hi Garry,
    Nice to hear from you – not much communication within Group in the past while.
    I wonder if you can help us?
    We have received a Legal Letter re Opaleo . We have always paid “Montant de Votre Appel” but this Letter is quoting that we owe “Total a Payer” which is huge!
    We have to pay by 20th Oct. can you please advise as soon as possible. Also, how much per quarter is anyone else paying our Apt is T3, no 69.
    We would appreciate any help to sort this out.
    Ann & Joe

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