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The Committee

Recent Communications from Opaleo

Morning all. Hope you are all well. 2020 is turning out to be a momentous year for all the wrong reasons. Stay Safe. Still hope to see you in Ondres in June.

English Translation:
Dear Co-owners, Sète on Tuesday March 17, 2020
In accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic, the entire
OPALEO personnel respect the confinement imposed by the authorities, and our
offices are currently closed to the public until further notice.
The health of our employees, customers and partners is
fundamental, and we are all called to implement the behaviors
responsible for limiting the spread of the virus.
In these difficult times, we want to assure you of the commitment of
all of our teams who remain mobilized thanks to the implementation of the
telework within our company.
In order to comply with Decree No. 2020-260 of March 16, 2020 on
movement regulation in the context of the fight against the spread
COVID-19 virus, all our employees are obliged to suspend their
displacements. Therefore, all appointments, meetings, visits, assemblies
general and expertise are canceled for an indefinite period.
Public meetings are prohibited until further notice, meetings
already convened are postponed to a later date not defined in this
day. The meetings scheduled and to be convened are suspended. We
will come back to your union council after the lifting of the containment measures
in order to plan new dates for general meetings in accordance with
legal provisions which regulate our profession.
A majority of our providers and partners have the obligation to stop their
activities: cleaning company, multi-service, various maintenance, whatever
considerably disrupt repair operations. Please believe that we
take all possible measures to ensure the continuity of our services,
priority for handling urgent requests: gas leak, water leak, breakdown

In the meantime we invite you to do everything in your power to
help stop the epidemic. Our offices are closed, but the work will get done
by our employees thanks to telework in order to avoid as much as possible
contagions. We are always reachable by phone and by email to ensure
emergency service.
We are wholeheartedly with you in this difficult time that strikes our
country and the rest of the world, and hope to support you as well as possible.
Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.


Summer 2020

Hi fellow owners, hope you are all well. This Covid-19 emergency will play out in the coming weeks and months. I’m not planning on changing my plans around visiting our residence in late June. The only change is that Brittany Ferries has pulled it’s Cork to Santander service and opened a new route Rosslare to Bilbao which although a pain it’s still so much better than the flying option. I’m a convert to the leisure of the boat trip and the kitchen sink in the boot. We do pack way too much. So, hopefully I’ll see some of you in late June. Stay safe and well. Garry and Mary Benson

Just to say hello, from Garry Benson

Hello, Allée des Dunes Owners, this is short email to say Hi. I have been receiving emails from google groups to say some of you owners are not able to read the email that were coming from the google groups. I will look into this and see what the problem might be.

Brief History in Time.
I created (Garry Benson) back 10 years ago to try and have a discussion forum for all of us novice foreign property owners (I’m describing myself here) to be able to reach out and discuss the chaos that was Topotel.
The group had it’s moment in the sun and was superseded in 2011 by the www.ondres.org webpage, moderated by Brendan Moran. Access to the website was restricted to ADICADO (Legal group set up to fund and represent us in the French legal system) The website, I believe, does not notify if new discussions are started so you must visit frequently. At this stage it has been quiet some time since anyone has posted anything on the site. I plan to post this note in both the googlegroups and ondres.org forums.

Well, at this stage in our Allée des Dunes journey a lot of water has gone under the bridge. The site still looks great. In my humble opinion the best Résidence de tourisme in the region, by a long shot.
I spent a wonderful 10 days in June of this year and had a good group of Irish to keep me company and enjoyed a few easy cycles to Capberton for coffee and croissant. Weather was very good. The AGM was the usual mix of topics but continues to be the bedrock of keeping the site as a success and a viable business for the MMV’s of this world. Should we lose any more units to ‘Non-Contract’ (that is not part of the MMV Contract and operating independently or being lived in permanently) it would become a very fragmented and precarious piece of property for foreign owners like us. (This is my own opinion, of course)

I do think this group should keep communicating. Garry Benson,

French Accountant

I have been asked a few times for the details of the French Accountant that I use and mentioned extensively at our recent meeting.

Bertrand Le Mire

Anne Chauvet

Both have excellent English and would recommend them very higly.

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